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TekSoFin provides consulting services for technology, software and financial applications. We developed strategies tailored to your company’s goals to optimize and increase your profitability.​


TekSoFin was created in 1992 under the principles of perfection and customer satisfaction at the time of seeking consulting to increase profitability. 20 years later. TekSoFin continues to adapt to today's fast changing digital world by offering avant garde tools to place businesses on top of their competition. 


With our extensive catalog of services, that ranges from data entry quality to strategic planning, we are able to provide your company all aspects it needs for rapid growth and planification for future challenges.


Project planning is one of our main focuses since it will be the main tool used to make your company the top of your industry. We combine methodology, people, and technology throughout the process to ensure the completion of the project.


“When we called TekSoFin, we didn’t know what our next steps should be so that we could grow and continue to be a strong competitor in our field while still operating. TekSoFin gave us the tools and guidance we needed to be able to increase our profits and become the number one company in our field. Now, people recognize our growth thanks to TekSoFin."




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